Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer has Lara 'taking back her home'

Zombies have taken Croft Manor and Lara won't stand for it.


Daddy Croft has been a bad boy, and Croft Manor has been overrun with Zombies. That leaves more Lara to clean up the mess and take back her home from the bastards.

In a new Blood Ties trailer, we get some more of the back story that will be part of the Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration release for PlayStation 4 on October 11. Blood Ties will be an addition that was not part of the original game released last year, and will be available as DLC for PC and Xbox One players who have the season pass.

The DLC will have a story mode where Lara must search Croft Manor for clues on her being the rightful heir to the estate, as well as a Lara's Nightmare mode where she must battle zombies. The game will also be adding a VR experience for PSVR.

In addition to Blood Ties, the game will include all of the previous DLC that Xbox One and PC players have already gotten. 

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