Phoenix Wright - Spirit of Justice reveals two more game characters

A spirit medium returns and a young monk will show you around.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is entering the courtroom again next month in Spirit of Justice, and Capcom is letting a few more details out before the demo for the game hits next week.

Spirit medium (in training) Maya Fey is back from the original game, with her story putting her in the new game's setting, the Kingdom of Khura'in about two years before the game starts. She is perfecting her spirit channeling ability, which should come in handy with the new seance mechanic being introduced in the game. Despite the length of time since Phoenix has last seen her, Capcom assures us that she is "still the same old Maya."

A new chanacter is a young monk named Ahlbi Ur’gaid, who works as a tour guide showing people around the kingdom. The boy is later accused of crimes that seemingly go agaunst his personality and Phoenix jumps in to defend him. Of course, the poeple of  Khura'in hate lawyers and the boy resists the offer of assistance, making his defense even more difficult.

This is the second in a series of character updates from Capcom for the game. The first dealt with Phoenix and Royal Priestess Rayfa. Next week, Capcom will offer more on Phoenix's fellow lawyer Apollo Justice and international prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi.

The demo for the game is scheduled to hit next Thursday, August 25, on the Nintendo eShop, while the full game is set to be released for 3DS on September 8. If you want a quick look at some of the game mechanics for Spirit of Justice, check out the video:

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