Xbox One backward music support now available with Groove Music

The Groove Music app now supports background music play, thus allowing players the ability to enjoy their favorite tunes while playing games.


The Xbox One has further expanded its ability to play background music while playing games as it now supports Microsoft’s Groove Music service.

Earlier this month, the Xbox One received the Simple Background Music Player, which was published by one of its own developers onto the Xbox Store. While the app helped a lot of gamers enjoy their own tunes while playing games, having to transfer MP3, FLAC, and WMA music files to a USB device isn’t very intuitive, especially if your musical selections change every few days.

With the support of Groove Music, users can now enjoy streams from the Windows Store and custom radio stations. Of course, Groove Music isn’t free as you’ll need to have a subscription, which costs either $10 per month or $100 per year.

The Xbox One update for Groove Music background play support should now be available for all users, although if you don’t have it yet, know that Microsoft is still in the process of rolling it out.

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