Brutal dungeon crawls onto PC in early 2017

The unique ASCII-filled game, Brutal, is coming to PC early next year.


Rising Star Games has announced it has partnered with Stormcloud Games to bring its ASCII-filled roguelike dungeon crawler, Brutal, to PC in early 2017.

Brutal was first announced back in December 2015, which was first exclusive to PlayStation 4. While we knew the game would eventually be making its way to PC, today’s news finally gives us a release date window.

Brutal allows players to choose one of four heroes: Ranger, Mage, Warrior, or Amazon. Once selected, players can then descend into a procedurally-generated world that’s completely constructed out of ASCII as they attempt to reach the 26th floor, defeat the Guardian of the Dungeon, and claim his crown.

The game supports local co-op play and features a Dungeon Creator mode, which allows would-be dungeon masters the opportunity to create their own dungeon, which can be shared, and of course, played through.

Brutal released on PlayStation 4 earlier this month, and with today’s announcement, we now know its PC version is slated for early 2017 release.

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