PSA: Paragon now free on PC, PS4 via its Open Beta

Epic Games has launched the open beta for Paragon, allowing PlayStation 4 and PC players to experience its third-person MOBA gameplay without having to spend a dime.


Epic Games has launched the Open Beta for its free-to-play MOBA, Paragon, on both PlayStation 4 and PC today. In fact, starting today, everyone on both platforms will be able to play Paragon completely for free.

Paragon is a competitive 5v5 MOBA that combines third-person action along with the deep strategy typically found in MOBAs. Unlike some other MOBAs, Paragon allows players immediate access to all of its heroes. Considering its already impressive roster, and the fact Epic Games is committed to offering a new hero every three weeks, players will be able to find the hero that fits their playstyle easily.

For example: since its initial launch, Epic Games has added Iggy & Scorch, GRIM.exe, Riktor, Khaimera, Greystone, and The Fey to its roster of heroes. Now that the game is in Open Beta, we expect for Epic to continue delivering some unique and talented heroes in the coming weeks.

During our time with its Early Access, we enjoyed Paragon quite a bit when we had time to grab some quick games. It certainly combines a third-person action game along with the standard gameplay of MOBAs, which will entice fans of both genres to check out its Open Beta. And now that it’s free, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out on either PC or PlayStation 4.

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