Overwatch's Season 2 of competitive play will offer some significant changes

Skill rating, coin toss and rating decay are all being modified.


The Overwatch team has learned a lot during Season Two of competitive play, including tweaking mid-season. To show off what they have learned, Blizzard released a new video highlighting all of the upcoming changes for Season 2. 

Game Director Jeff Kaplan listed numerous changes:

  • Skill rank is changing from 1-100 to 1-5000 to better differentiate player skill.
  • Skill Rating tiers are coming back
  • Cost of gold guns multiplied by 10, as are competitive point gains
  • All sudden death is being discontinued - no more coin toss
  • Major changes coming to Assault mode, including bonus time mechanics
  • A win awards 10 CP, with a tie awarding the sme CP to both teams
  • Diamon, Master and Grandmaster divisions will now have a skill rating decay of 50 point per 24 hours for players who don't play for more than 7 days.
  • Top 500 now requires players to have finished at least 50 matches. 

Kaplan said the changes will be coming to the PTR soon, although he didn;t give a date. he said they will be listening to all the feedback, as well as playing themselves, to make all necessary adjustments before Season 2 finally goes live.

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