Logitech introduces its Prodigy line of PC gear aimed 'exclusively for everyone'

Logitech's new Prodigy line includes a keyboard, headset, and two mice that it hopes everyone will want to pick up.


Logitech has been creating peripherals for gamers for decades now, all of which started with the release of its Wingman joystick back in 1995. Since then, the company has created controllers for various platforms mostly geared towards consumers that consider themselves to be a gamer. Today, Logitech is venturing into uncharted waters as its Prodigy line of peripherals hopes to bridge the gap between gamers and everyone else by making it “exclusively for everyone.”

Logitech’s new Prodigy lineup includes the following peripherals at its launch:

  • G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard ($69.99)
  • G231 Prodigy Console Gaming Headset ($69.99)
  • G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse ($69.99 for Wired; $99.99 for Wireless)

While it’s easy to say Logitech may be marketing its Prodigy line to the entry-level consumer who is looking to take their first step towards purchasing peripherals like these, the company claims these products are nowhere near what it considers to be categorized as “entry-level.” That’s made more apparent when you look at the specs of Logitech’s Prodigy peripherals.

For example: The G231 Prodigy Console Gaming Headset features 40mm neodymium drivers to provide high-quality stereo sound and are extremely lightweight, while the G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard has full RGB support, has been tuned for ultra-quick response and is resistant to spills. The G403 Prodigy Gaming Mouse appears to be the most impressive on paper as it features six programmable buttons, is ergonomically designed for comfort, and has the same sensor as its previously-released mice, like the G900 and the G502.

I was given the opportunity to briefly test these peripherals during a media event held in New York City this morning, and I have to say considering who these products are geared towards, Logitech has created a solid line of devices for entry-level users. The G403 may not look as flashy as some of Logitech’s other mice, it felt really good in my hand as I was able to grip onto it without much strain on my hand. The G213 also felt good and was responsive while playing No Man’s Sky. With both of these peripherals in my hands, I was able to mine for resources and attack various wildlife with ease. Unfortunately, the G231 headset wasn’t set up, but I did get to manipulate a demo unit a bit. The headset felt comfortable on my head and on my ears, which is important for someone who wears glasses. It’s also deceptively light as I felt like I had nothing on my head while wearing them.

If you’re a fan of Logitech products but not so much of these entry-level peripherals, you’re going to need to get used to the company branching out as it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. “You can safely assume, or imagine, that if there is a product that’s similar in features and performance that it will fall under the Prodigy line,” a Logitech spokesperson tells Shacknews. I also wondered if this line would be priced similarly, although Logitech tells us “there’s no current way to answer that question.”

Throughout my meeting with Logitech, the term "exclusively for everyone" was thrown around quite a bit. Logitech wants all human beings to know that if you consider yourself to be a part of the term "everyone", then you should consider buying its Prodigy line. In reality, the Prodigy line serves as entry-level peripherals that will help "everyone" get a taste of what it's like to purchase PC peripherals rather than relying on the poorly-constructed devices that usually come with a computer.

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