Pokemon Go has an egg glitch, but it could get you banned

Unhatched egg plus gym defense equals something you may not want to do.


If you are an avid Pokemon Go player, you may have noticed something strange when you come upon your local gym. It just might be defended by an unhatched Pokemon Egg.

"But that's not possible," you might say. "How does that work?" The truth is that it shouldn't. It's a glitch and an exploit, but it makes the gym so it cannot be defeated because an egg has no attached attack or defense. And while it makes the gym a fortress for your team, it also allows other players on your team to stable their Pokemon there, racking up Defender bonuses each day.

Given how Niantic hates cheating or exploits in any form. it seems likely that anyone caught using it could get banned. And even if you didn't lay the egg, dropping a Pokemon in to benefit from the extra dust and coin could also get you banned. So you are warned: Don't take advantage of it in any way. Wait until the fix is released then laugh at those that get banned because they were silly enough to try to capitalize on it.

(Image courtesy of Yaltro on Flickr)

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