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How to get the Hyperdrive in No Man's Sky

Explorers who want to venture to new star systems will need to acquire a Hyperdrive and fuel it with Warp Cells. Read on to find out how to build a Hyperdrive and keep it fueled!


In case you already weren’t aware, there’s a lot of galaxy to cover in No Man’s Sky. While you can jump from planet to planet within a particular star system, in order to travel between star systems, you’re going to need to travel at ludicrous speed via the Hyperdrive. Unfortunately, your ship, which is probably being held together by duct tape and your own hopes and dreams, doesn’t come with Hyperdrive installed. So where can Explorers acquire Hyperdrive and how can you use it to jump to a new star system? This guide has all the info you'll ever need to get your ship fitted with a shiny new Hyperdrive system that will keep you soaring to new star systems.

Prepare to Fast Forward

Prior to even attempting to start searching for a Hyperdrive, you’re going to need to get yourself off of your starting planet. Once you’ve repaired your ship and entered space for the first time, you’re going to be presented with a number of waypoints. One of these waypoints will be a distress signal from an alien located on a nearby planet. Head on over to that planet and find the beacon. The beacon will present you with the location of the distressed alien, which you’ll then need to locate along the planet's surface.

While each player’s experience with the alien will differ, we recommend being as helpful to him as possible. In our playthrough, the alien needed to be healed after fighting off local animals. After healing the alien, he presented us with a recipe for the Hyperdrive.

Next -- you’ll need to build the Hyperdrive. You can grab most of the needed parts by mining resources, however you’ll need to purchase the Dynamic Resonator as there’s currently no way to build it. To purchase it, head over to your nearest Space Station and buy it from an NPC ship, or the Galactic Market terminal.

Ludicrous speed -- GO!

Now that you have purchased the Dynamic Resonator, and have built your Hyperdrive, you’ll need to power it with a Warp Cell. While you’ll have the recipe to build the Warp Cell, you’ll need antimatter to create one. Unfortunately, you can’t mine Antimatter and you won’t be able to build your own at the moment. The easiest way to acquire Antimatter would be to head back to the Space Station and purchase it from a vendor. Once you've managed to get your Hyperdrive up and running, it's time to learn how to make Antimatter so that you don't have to worry about ever running out of fuel. 

Alright -- so you now have the Hyperdrive and a Warp Cell. What’s next? Well - you now use your Hyperdrive to travel to distant star systems. Just remember to have some spare Warp Cells on hand if you want to journey to additional star systems, or return to the one you just left from.

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