Chattycast 103: Sky Pirates

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No Man's Sky launched this week, but not without a very strange weekend preceding it. With a dearth of official reviews, the Internet turned toward a community member who had obtained an early copy from a store that broke its street date agreement. Not to be left behind, some press outlets obtained copies in a similar manner and began coverage. Putting a capper on the whole thing, a significant day-one patch made many of those early impressions obsolete, since the game had been changed enough that they were no longer representative of the experience. 

This week, the Chattycast talks about No Man's Sky, and the strange microscope that it inadvertently held up to the games industry. Why are publishers increasingly cutting out reviews? What's the proper way for publishers to deal with broken street dates? What does it say about the medium that early impressions, however obtained, can be so out-of-sync with the finalized game due to patches? 

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