Star Wars: The Old Republic's The Battle for Odessen DLC out now

This is the last DLC before the new expansion hits later this fall.


Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire has all come down to this. The battle to take down Emperor Arcann and his fleet has begun with the official release of the final DLC, the Battle for Odessen.

In the final chapter of this story-driven expansion, the Outlander and his team take on the Emperor and his fleet in a winner take all episode designed to set the stage for the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion coming this fall. As part of this DLC, subscribers can get:

  • New Battler Cartel Market Pack: Contains a variety of new items, which may (or may not) include never-before-seen gear, like the Ruthless Scion Armor and ISO Droid Companion.
  • New Guss Companion Alliance Mission: Recruit the wily Mon Calamari scoundrel, Guss Tuno, as your companion. When the Alliance receives a lead on the identity of a potential new recruit, the Outlander’s search unveils the most unlikely Jedi candidate - serving as apprentice under a man of questionable character.

Now that all the DLC is out, you might want to try the first chapter, called The Hunt, for free.

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