Pokemon Sun and Moon reveals more monsters, game details

Team Skull is the Team Rocket of the Alola region.


With the November 18 release of Pokemon Sun and Moon creeping up, The Pokemon Company continues to release more details on the new pocket monsters and characters that will be in the 3DS game.

The new bad guys will be Team Skull, led by boss Guzman, and admin Plumeria. The gorup will steal Pokemon, mess up trail sites and cause all kinds of havoc on the islands.

As for Pokemon, three new ones have been revealed, along with new forms for three existing creatures.


  • Wishiwashi: a water Pokemon that is weak solo, but uses an ability called schooling to become much more powerful.
  • Pyukumuku: another water Pokemon that seem fairly useless, but have a attack done as it faints called Innards Out, that does damage equal to the amount it took from the attack that caused it to faint.
  • Morelull: a grass/fairy Pokemon that communicates with others of its kind through its roots.

As for variations on older Pokemon, there is the Alola Meowth (Dark), the Alolan Marowak (Fire/Ghost) and the Alolan Raichu (Electric/Psychic).

So far, there have been plenty of new Pokemon unveiled, as well as Alola variations of existing ones. You can probably expect more to be revealed before the game finally is released.

Check out the new trailer for all the extra details.

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