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How to Get an Atlas Pass in No Man's Sky

Tired of being locked out of all those doors? Grab yourself an Atlas path and begin your journey to unlocking the secrets of the universe.


“What is an Atlas Pass, and how come I haven’t found one yet?” is probably one of the biggest questions you’ve been asking yourself. You’ve probably searched around and around on the planets that you’ve come across, searching for any clue as to how to acquire this device and put it to use. Fret not, dear Travels, for this guide will detail all the information you need to know to acquire your very own Atlas Pass.

Not interested in reading about it? Here's our full video walkthrough:

The first thing you need to do is follow the game’s main progression. This will send you down a quest line to build a hyperdrive, charge it up, and jump to a new system. From here you’ll need to continue following the storyline, waiting until a notification pops up on the bottom right of your screen from the Atlas saying “Find us. Hear us.” A marker for a Monolith will appear on your HUD, and you’ll need to make your way to the Monolith.

Interact with the Monolith to continue the questline.

Once you’ve finished interacting with the Monolith, a waypoint will appear on your Galaxy Map, showing an Atlas Interface.

Make your way to the Interface, and then enter it as you would enter any space station.

Disembark from your ship, and make your way towards the large glowing orb that is floating in the middle of the area. Speak with it via the terminal, and then board your ship and jump to the next system marked on your map.

This should spawn your first Space Anomaly, which is similar to a space station.

Enter the anomaly via the flight doors like you would a space station, and then speak with the Specialist Polo inside. He will ask you something. Answer him, and he will reward you with the Atlas Pass v1 blueprint.

To craft the Atlas Pass v1 you will need:

  • Iron – 25
  • Heridium – 10

Once you have the items you need, open up your Exosuit inventory and craft the Atlas Pass using the Square button. Now you can open any doors or containers that require an Atlas Pass v1. To acquire an Atlas Pass v2 and Altas Pass v3 you’ll need to follow a few different steps.

First: Head down to the surface of planets and locate a Signal Scanner. Once you've activated the Signal Scanner make sure to select the 'Colonial Outpost' option from the drop down. Now travel to the Outpost and visit it on foot. It might take a few visits to different outposts, but after around 10 or so you should manage to find an Atlas Pass v2. Continue this process to locate the Atlas Pass v3.

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