2K releases new Mafia 3 trailer showing off Burke, an anarchist

The newest trailer shines a spotlight on Thomas Burke, one of Mafia 3's playable characters.


Publisher 2K and developer Hangar 13 rolled out the third in a set of trailers showcasing Mafia 3's protagonists. Today's featurette is all about Thomas Burke, who has apparently responded to mounting pressure by snapping and becoming an anarchist.

I know this because I can read people. I took one look at Burke and thought, there's a guy whose lifetime of gambling and drinking took a toll on both him and his mob, exacerbated by the Mafia muscling in on his turf.

Also, the trailer is called "Thomas Burke – The Anarchist."

Catch a glimpse of Burke's spree of anarchy and learn more about his backstory in his trailer.

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