Monster Monpiece brings its lovely monster girls to PC this Fall

Monster Monpiece 


Idea Factory and Compile Heart have announced they will be adding yet another title from its PlayStation Vita collection to PC as Monster Monpiece is releasing this Fall.

Monster Monpiece originally released on the PlayStation Vita back in 2013, although its “strong sexual content” was removed for its handheld release in the US. There’s no mention if the sexual content will be included in its PC release, but we do know it won’t support multiplayer, will feature improved graphics, and a full set of cards and artwork that were only available in its original Japanese release.

Monster Monpiece is a card battle RPG that has the player living in a world where humans and “monster girls” coexist, but things are obviously tense between the two creatures. You play May Esperio as you work to become a master of the monster girls along with her friends, Elza and Karen. May is suddenly devastated to witness Elza becoming “Lost”, which is a dark affliction that can affect both humans and monster girls. It’s up to May to travel the world in order to learn about this mysterious sickness in an attempt to save Elza.

Monster Monpiece is expected to release on PC via Steam this Fall.

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