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Here's Yooka-Laylee's Complete Toybox Experience in 20 Minutes

Curious to see what Yooka-Laylee's Toybox is all about? Watch our video and be curious no more!


Team 17 and Playtonic Games’ Yooka-Laylee returned to E3 this year looking more polished than it did when we first heard about it back in February 2015. At E3 2016, we learned the game would be delayed to Q1 2017, although we were at least able to get our hands on the game during the show.

While fans of 3D platformers patiently wait for Yooka-Laylee to release some time early next year, Team 17 and Playconic Games have released its Toy Box to those who backed its Kickstarter campaign. The Toy Box is just a little piece of the larger Yooka-Laylee experience as players will be able to jump, spin, and swim their way across a small enclosure, but as we learned at the end of our experience, this is more than a simple demo. That’s because Playtonic Games has given an objective to completing the Toy Box by collecting 100 feathers, which will then present the player with a secret that can be used when the full game is released.

Did we pique your curiosity? Good - then watch our gameplay video showing off all of Yooka-Laylee’s Toy Box, including the super special secret.

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    July 29, 2016 2:00 PM

    Daniel Perez posted a new article, Here's Yooka-Laylee's Complete Toybox Experience in 20 Minutes

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      July 29, 2016 3:17 PM

      I didn't opt for the toybox tier, but this looks pretty much like what I was expecting it to be. This should translate into a some decent controls and mechanics.

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      July 29, 2016 4:35 PM

      Hmm why is it not textured and all the FX are turned off, and it doesn't look like the KickStarter video or E3 video?

      I guess they have performance issues or some other issue. I backed it and am looking froward to it but this is really weird that a demo would be like this.

      I have to say man did Nightdive Studios really hit it out of the park with their Kick Starter demo on day one and System Shock.

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        July 30, 2016 7:14 AM

        I'm pretty sure it just looks like this because it's the Toybox Experience. I've seen stuff from the actual full game and it looked fully textured and very pretty.

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