Doom: The Board Game coming from Fantasy Flight

You will definitely die, and respawns are limited


For years, the forces of hell have advanced through your computer systems, waiting for you to be them back through the portals from which they spawned. Now, they will be invading the dining room table in Doom: The Board Game.

Created by Fantasy Flight Games, up to five players can jump into the world of demonspawn. Four players get to play generic marines - named Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta - and will take on a fifth player who will manage the forces of Hell. The game poses two different scenarios of six missions each, with different objectives and victory conditions involved. While the marines will face different goals through the missions, the demons have only one: Kill, rinse and repeat. Cards will represent weapons, actions and modifiers.

The official website offers plenty more gameplay details. Fantasy Flight has made other tabletop adaptations for video games, including XCOM, StarCraft and Gears of War.

The game is scheduled for release later this year.

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