Shack Reels: Overwatch Weekly Brawl: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Want to play a match with only McCree, Reaper, and Roadhog? Your very specific demand has been met in Good, Bad, and Ugly.


Overwatch has released a new Weekly Brawl, and this time, it features McCree, Reaper, and Roadhog in a battle of Good, Bad, and Ugly.

While this game mode is extremely light in additional rules outside of including the three previously-mentioned heroes, McCree, Reaper, and Roadhog have a nice dynamic to them. McCree has always been a long- to mid-range fighter, Reaper is a mid- to close-range fighter, and Roadhog is a close-range fighter that can quickly pull in enemies from mid-range. So a match with just these three heroes might not appear glamorous, it shows how fine-tuned these three are and can invite players who don’t usually play as them the opportunity to get better acquainted with their abilities.

Out of the three, I’ve always preferred Reaper as his mid-range attacks can chip away at an enemy’s health with every blast. I also like to use his Wraith Form to get myself out of trouble and Shadow Step to get myself back into trouble.

Here’s gameplay footage of this week’s Overwatch Weekly Brawl:

Want to watch past brawls? Here they are:

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