Battleborn gets a snake hero today, and an Ernest bird next

Pendles and Ernest playing together? Mass hysteria ...


Battleborn has unleashed its reptile assassin Pendles onto the battlefield today , and at the same time revealed the third DLC hero coming to the game, a bird bent on bedlam named Ernest.

Since we talked about Pendles previously, let's look at Ernest first. According to the official site, Ernest is a bird bound by honor and duty, while sporting a rather impressive a grenade launcher. He supports his allies as a technician, with a penchant for demolition. He will be the 28th hero added to the game, and the third of five new DLC characters. He will be available in the coming weeks, and like previous heroes, he will cost the usual 47,500 in-game credits, or one hero key available with the season pass.

As for Pendles, Digital Deluxe and season pass holders get access today, while he will be available for everyone else on August 4, which has been standard for the hero releases. And if you want a look at what abilities you will get, keep reading:

  • Dual Kamas and Throwing Stars: Slice and dice enemies while dual-wielding kamas or pick them off from a distance with throwing stars.
  • Snake-born: This slippery serpent is naturally elusive which grants him the ability to slip out of stuns, snares, and other crowd control (CC) measures faster.
  • Smoke Bomb: Toss a smoke bomb on the ground and disappear. *POOF* Those pesky bombs also deal damage over time to enemies in the area.
  • Injection: A good assassin has many tricks up his sleeves. Pendles laces his kamas with poison and strikes enemies for extra damage and slowing them.
  • Miasma: Pendles shrouds himself in an airborne poison that deals damage over time and reduced the cooldown on Injection.
  • Corner Sneak (Passive): Stay out of enemies’ line-of-sight and they’ll literally never see you coming. Pendles’ cloak activates when out of sight and increases his movement speed.

Tips for play from the development team: "Team coordination is a must, when you’re playing against a team with Pendles on it it’s dangerous to go alone. If you find yourself separated from the group, you’re a prime target for a Pendles stealth kill. Specific Battleborn like Marquis, Orendi and Ambra have augments that Reveal enemy Battleborn, so use them to draw Pendles out of hiding when you need. And lastly, try combatting an enemy Pendles with a Pendles of your own. Have him hang around your squishier allies, soaking up XP."

Oh look, a skills video:


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