Paragon's The Fey enters the fray next week

The Fey is a new support caster that specializes in crowd control, and she's joining the fray next week in Paragon.


Epic Games has revealed a new Hero for Paragon today, called The Fey.

The Fey is a new support caster Hero who specializes in crowd control and just be a general nuisance to enemy Heroes in her lane. Her first ability, Untamed Growth, allows The Fey to throw out an explosive plant that’s capable of doing area-of-effect (AOE) damage over time. Her second ability, Bramble Patch, will create a line of thorny brambles that can slow down multiple Heroes that get caught inside. She also has a passive ability, called Harvest Nettles, that returns mana each time The Fey successfully hits her target.

The Fey’s Ultimate, called Fly Trap, summons a huge plant that drags its unsuspecting victims into its mouth, to then cause large amounts of damage.

The Fey will be available for Paragon players in Early Access on August 2.

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