Pokemon Go player uses bot to hit level 40 cap

Apparently 5 million XP is needed to get through the last level


If you play Pokemon Go, leveling can be somewhat of a pain. Even using lucky eggs properly, you are looking at weeks, maybe even months of game play to hit the level 40 cap. Of course, cheating could get you there a bit quicker.

Reddit user _problemz claims to have hit the magical cap set by developer Niantic, being the first player in the world to do so. However, later in the thread, he acknowledged using a bot, and has asked Niantic to delete his account. He said he would not tell anyone how he used the bot, and was doing this to "see how far i can push with the given Tools. And i learned so much out of this."

He made it clear that he didn't do any gym combat. " I dont want to take anyone the fun of this game. I find it disrespectful and disgusting to profiling with that. If you do PVP (no matter which game) play legit or dont play."

His goal was purely to see how much XP he could get per hour, which in the end was about 280,000 per. It takes 20 million Xp to hit max, with 5 million needed to go from 39 to 40. He said he used 131 lucky eggs, buying five 25 packs and getting six from leveling. he started playing when the game launched in Germany on July 13.

He has resisted all requests to sell the account and will not release any specific data, prefering instead to go the deletion route.

To support the claim, he posted some screenshots. Check out the Pokemon names below (Shitposting has to be a favorite):

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