Dead Rising 4 goes behind the scenes on zombie killing

And yes, we all know Frank West is a bad ass.


Dead Rising 4 is going back to its roots in Williamette, Colorado, a rather apropos setting given the 10th anniversary of the series. To help celebrate, the development team at Capcom Vancouver has decided to take us behind the scenes on the game to give us some insights on Frank West and his undead enemies.

The team is expanding on the types of weapons that can be created and used, including a military grade exosuit that allows you to rip parking meters out of the ground or even hook up to a Slurpee machine to send an ice tornado at the zombies. Yes, that apparently is a real thing. In addition to the "everything can be modded" motif, indoor and outdoor vehicles can be customized for mass killing of those that are already dead.

There has also be an upgrade to the various zombies, which now come in three varieties. The horde are huge groups of zombies. The freshly undead are those that turn immediately in front of your eyes, and are quicker and more frantic in their attacks. Finally, there are the Evo, which can dodge attacks and even hide.

Dead Rising 4 is coming December 6 as an Xbox One exclusive. It could eventually come to PlayStation 4.

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