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Nintendo loses over $6 billion in market value after investors learn it didn't make Pokemon Go

It took this long for investors to realize Nintendo didn't make Pokemon Go? Really?


It appears Nintendo’s stock rollercoaster ride has come to an end as investors have finally realized the company isn’t responsible for making the game, which was made apparent by its latest statement after the close of trading on Friday.

The statement points out Nintendo’s bottom line would be limited as it just owns 32% of The Pokemon Company, with revenue from Pokemon Go and the Pokemon Go Plus peripheral were already accounted for in the company’s current forecasts.

As a result of making it clear that Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company are the ones collaborating on Pokemon Go, Nintendo’s shares have dropped 17% at one point today, which represents over $6 billion in value. This may be the lowest point the Nintendo stock could drop today as Bloomberg points out the Tokyo stock exchange doesn’t allow share prices to move more than 18% within a single day.

We took a look at just how much Nintendo could make with Pokemon Go just a few weeks ago, but now that investors have wised up and started to drop like flies, the company could end up making far less than we originally believed. We guess we'll just have to see how the Tokyo stock market treats this revelation for the remainder of the week, which we assume won't go so well for Nintendo.

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