Apple confirms Pokemon Go has set an App Store record

The iOS version of Pokemon Go appears to have set a new record as to how many times it's been downloaded during its initial launch week.


Apple has confirmed what we knew all along: Pokemon Go is a huge success.

Apple has confirmed with Shacknews Pokemon Go set a new iTunes App Store record as it was downloaded more times within its first week than any other application in its history. At the time of confirmation, Apple declined to reveal just how many downloads Pokemon Go achieved or disclose which app held the previous record, but we have a feel it rhymes with Plash of Plans.

Pokemon Go officially released in North America, New Zealand, and Australia on July 6. Since its release, the game has expanded to over 30 countries, the latest being Japan, and has secured a top spot in the free and top-grossing apps section on both iOS and Android.

Sensor Tower recently revealed, through the use of its Store Intelligence platform, that Pokemon Go reached approximately 10 million downloads during its launch week. It also reports the game has achieved 30 million downloads to date, with iPhone owners in the US alone spending approximately $1.6 million on Pokemon Go every day.

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