The Walking Dead Season 3 gets new details and screenshots

AJ is returning from Season 2.


Telltale Games has been somewhat tight-lipped about what is coming for Season 3 in The Walking Dead. We already knew that Javier was going to be a new playable character, but Telltale has used the San Diego Comic Con to offer a few new tidbits on what they have in store form Clementine and the survivors.

Melissa Hutchison, the voice of Clementine, and Creative Director Dennis Lenart took to the stage to show fans some new screenshots and explain that both Javier and Clementine will get their own game moments, but not necessarily at the same time. Javier is a character that Clementine has not met before, which allows players to shape his personality with new decisions, Lenart said. 

On the flip side, returning players will recognize AJ, who returns from Season 2 and is the son of Rebecca. However, Telltale is crafting a story that new players will be able to explore, and returning players will recognize, while at the same time learning more about Clementine's back story.

No release date has been announced yet, other than players can expect to see the first episode some time later this fall.

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