Monsters and Monocles stylishly launches on Steam Early Access in August

Twin-stick shooter? Check. Procedurally-generated environments? Check. Dogs with smoking jackets? Check. It's official. This game has it all!


Retro Dreamer is jumping from being an iOS developer to PC as it’s announced Monsters and Monocles will be releasing on Steam Early Access on August 16.

Monsters and Monocles is described as a franctic, Victorian steampunk-themed twin-stick shooter that encourages teamwork as players wield heavy weaponry to fight a horde of monsters through procedurally-generated locations. All of this just because a naive occult collector unknowingly unleashed a great evil, which immediately spread across the world.

The game centers around co-op play as players can revive downed teammates and share a pool of lives across all players. But if you prefer to go it alone, its single-player campaign will offer quite a challenge. Players can customize each character’s abilities through the use of relics that can be upgraded to match their play style.

Monsters and Monocles will release on Steam Early Access on August 16.

Oh - and the game has dogs wearing smoking jackets.

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