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Pre-ordering Civilization 6 will get you Montezuma and the Aztec civ exclusively for 90 days

You'll be the envy of all of your Civilization-playing friends for at least 90 days.


2K and Firaxis Games have announced those who pre-order Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 will be able to gain early access to the Aztec civilization, which will be led by Montezuma.

The Aztec Civilization Pack will include Montezuma as the leader of the Aztec civilization, a unique Eagle Warrior unit, the Tlatchli unique building, and the use of the wonder Huey Teocalli.

Those who pre-order Civilization 6 will receive the Aztec Civilization Pack and will have exclusive use of the item for 90 days. After that, all Civilization 6 players will receive the pack at no additional cost.

It wouldn’t be a civilization game unless we learned something, so Firaxis shares some information on everything the Aztec Civilization Pack offers. Montezuma was the fifth king of Tenochtitlan and the second emperor of the Aztecs, where he reigned for 29 years. His reign ended when he passed away from unknown causes in 1469 A.D.

The Eagle Warrior unique unit is based on the bravest young men of noble birth who were able to take the most prisoners in battle. Once the young man takes 20 prisoners who were in good enough shape to be serves as a human sacrifice, that’s when they could be considered to be an Eagle Warrior.

The Tlachtli unique building is comprised of a ball court that was shaped like a capital I. This building was used for many games, one of which was similar to what we consider to be modern-day basketball where players would need to place a ball through the opponent’s stone hoop. Their version challenged players by not being able to use their hands.

Lastly, the Huey Teocalli Wonder housed some of the most important Aztec rituals. We’re bummed the Aztec’s Wonder didn’t turn out to be Montezuma’s Revenge.

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