Get Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC for free as part of EA's promotion for Battlefield 1

Naval Strike includes new maps and an additional game mode, all free for a limited time.


EA is counting down the days until the release of Battlefield 1, and is holding regular fire sales on Battlefield 4 content to celebrate. As of today, you can get Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC for free on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles (via GameSpot).

Naval Strike launched in March 2014 and normally sells for $15. It includes several new weapons, multiplayer maps, gadgets, and a hovercraft able to skim across water and land. You'll find it ready and waiting in storefronts where Battlefield 4 is sold, such as Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live.

Additionally, Naval Strike incorporates Carrier Assault, a game mode where players compete to capture missile launchers and inflict damage on opposing teams' carriers. Carrier Assault has been a fan favorite mode since Battlefield 2142, where it made its debut as Titan mode.

If stocking up on free BF4 content interests you, make sure to grab Naval Strike soon. EA didn't mention when or if Naval Strike will return to its normal $15 price point, but previous content given away for free as part of EA's "Road to Battlefield 1" promotion was only free for around a week.

As for Battlefield 1, you'll be able to wage war WWI-style this October.

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