Pokemon Go lures needed around children's hospitals - with permission

Bring a little joy to some kids usually stuck in bed.


Pokemon Go has set some standards in terms of popularity, but some folks who would like to participate usually don't get the full experience. That's where you can come help.

A post on reddit encouraged players with extra lures to drop them around local children's hospitals so that kids who don't have a chance to get out of bed often have the opportunity to catch some extra pokemon. A hospital in Michigan has also used the game to encourage kids to stay mobile - and social. Johns Hopkins Hospital has also been active in letting the kids play.

However, not all hospitals are open to the idea. The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne Austrailia, has openly discouraged the practice, while hospitals in Springfield, Mo., have spoken out against use of the game because of the disruptive nature that it can have with everyone trying to "catch them all."

Either way, if a hospital is designated as a PokeStop, you might want to check on how they feel about the idea. If they are cool with it, then do an anonymous good deed and drop a lure. You never know who will be able to use it and get a bit of extra joy from it.

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