Fake Nintendo NX controller selling on eBay for $10,000

For just $10,000, you can be the proud owner of this completely useless piece of plastc.


It isn’t surprising the majority of the games industry was caught off guard when the fake Nintendo NX controller made its rounds online. Considering how secretive Nintendo is being regarding the NX, we’re all hoping for some kind of information to leak. But what is surprising is to hear that fake Nintendo NX controller is now available for sale for $10,000.

Even though it was revealed the controller was a complete fake, its eBay listing describes the controller as being an “official replica Nintendo NX development controller.” Don’t rush to the listing all at once as a total of five of these phonies were created.

“Your bidding on an official Replica Nintendo NX development Controller,” the listing says. “The unit is very rare as only 5 of these replicas were made in existence.”

Currently, the seller is accepting bids starting at $4,000, but if you absolutely need one of these fake controllers, which most likely have nothing to do with the real Nintendo NX controller, you can snag one immediately for the Buy It Now price of $10,000.

What we find the most interesting is the fact that this fake controller might not even be the fake controller that made the rounds online several months ago. The listing features images that say “CNE Design official replica,” which means these might actually be a phony of the phony. We also like the seller decided to pick his finest blanket to display this $10,000 piece of garbage on.

Happy bidding.

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