Hitman gets a companion app and a new Elusive Target

All you wannabe Agent 47s can now check your phones for updates.


Hitman's next Elusive Target has been revealed, this time in Sapienza. But even better news is that now wannabe agents can keep track of contracts and targets on new mobile app for the game.

But first things first. The new target is Dylan Narvaez, aka The Twin. As the moniker suggests, he has a twin named Gonzales who must not be harmed. Both will be in Sapienza on July 15 for 72 hours, and it will be up to Agent 47 to find the clues to the right target, eliminate him and get out, hopefully undetected, within the alloted time. As with previous targets, there will be no minmap cues or Instinct mode, and failing once means you don't get another shot. 

In addition to revealing the new target, publisher Square Enix has released a new companion app for the game that will allow players to keep track of new content and updates on their phones. The free app is available for iOS and Android, but it is not optimized for tablets, so download it on your phone for best results.

If you get the app, you will also find new content available for this week, including five featured contracts in Marrakesh and an escalation contract in Paris. As with previous content updates, do do mission in Marrakesh or Sapienza, you will need the appropriate DLC. 

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