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Koei Tecmo America details multiplayer mode and mechanics for Attack on Titan

Players will be able to upgrade items and team up to face powerful Titans.


Attack on Titan features a plethora of game mechanics, many of which were detailed by Koei Tecmo America in a series of trailers released today.

Scout Mode is a multiplayer component that allows you to form parties with as many as three other players and face off against Titans in a variety of setting. "Starting at the camp, team members are able to upgrade their gear, change their costumes and prepare resources for an upcoming onslaught," according to a press release. "The leader of the group is able to choose from a wide selection of missions taking place across a variety of different stages, including the Forest of Giant Trees, the Ruined Town, a Farm Village and even the Stohess District."

Those missions are separate from the campaign, which unfolds across other settings. In either mode, you'll receive plenty of opportunities to upgrade your weapons by defeating Titans. "Blades can be sharpened, as well as improved to become longer and more durable, with scabbard upgrades allowing additional blades and gas canisters to be carried."

The game's Decisive Battle Signal system can be used to inflict massive damage against opponents. You'll power up your Decisive Battle Signal by rescuing regiment members and defeating Titans. Once activated, the mechanic "calls everyone in the player’s vicinity to their side to deal a great amount of damage. When activated their attack damage will be heightened, with the blunting of blades and depletion of gas momentarily stopped."

Attack on Titan is based on an anime of the same name, and will be released on August 30 for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Steam. The publisher previously released footage during E3.

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