Queen Elizabeth's Brexit means Victoria's entrance in Civilization 6

Firaxis decides to focus on the young queen as the ruler of England in its next installment.


Queen Elizabeth was the ruler of the Britain in Civilization V, but Firaxis has switched gears and brought back Queen Victoria to run the country in Civilization VI. The move was revealed in the company's first look at England, its abilities and special units for the upcoming sequel.

For the uninitiated, Victoria became queen in 1837 a month after her 18th birthday and ruled for 63 years. Her reign became known as the Victorian era, which saw the country grow immensely in all areas of culture, science, military, politics and industry. 

England's unique district will be the Royal Navy Dockyard, first created in Portsmouth in 1496. The country will also get two of it's own special units, The Redcoat as seen in previous games, and the Sea Dog, the equivalent of sanctioned pirates under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I in 1560.

Civilization VI changes up game play a bit from Civ V. A player’s empire will now spread across the map as each city spans multiple tiles, allowing players to custom build their cities in order to take full advantage of the local terrain. The title will also feature a dynamic diplomacy system, which will allow interactions between other civilizations to change over the course of the game. No word on whether Brexit will be a strategy available later in the game.

Civ VI is scheduled to come out on October 21 for PC.

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