Minecraft film building to a May 2019 release date

Piece by piece, Minecraft will assemble in theaters less than two years from now.


Mojang chief operating office Vui Bui published a blog post earlier today announcing a release date for the Minecraft movie.

"I know you’ve been thinking just about every day, 'When’s the Minecraft movie coming out?' Luckily for you, we can finally say," Bui said. "The Minecraft movie will be released on May 24, 2019! The film will also be released in 3D & IMAX. Yes, that might seem like a long time away, but it just so happens to be the right amount of time to make it completely awesome. And we all want an awesome Minecraft movie, right?"

If two years seems an impossibly long time to wait, maybe occupy yourself with other Minecraft-related content such as building in the Gear VR Edition of the game.

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    June 27, 2016 12:40 PM

    David Craddock posted a new article, Minecraft film building to a May 2019 release date

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      June 27, 2016 2:02 PM

      Wow! This is going to be a Summer BLOCK-buster! It's really going to BUILD a following. The theaters are going to be filled with MINERs with how popular this is with kids! I can't wait to see how they CRAFT a story from this open world game!

      I'll be here all week! Try the veal! or PORKCHOPS!

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      June 27, 2016 2:12 PM

      Hopefully it can meet the high bar set by Warcraft.

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      June 27, 2016 2:20 PM

      Minecraft thread?

      Folks should be on the server moar, just sayin.

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        June 27, 2016 2:24 PM


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        June 27, 2016 2:36 PM

        Yeah, I need to get back on the server.
        I've been playing a bit on my local creative test world, and designing a few huge farms that would be impractical for a server. I have designed a low-lag pumpkin / melon farm that gets something like 60,000 pumpkins an hour without lowering frame rates to single digits, and a sugarcane farm that gets about twice that rate. I'm also finishing up a machine that brews 384 potions at once (64 brewing stands), but it still needs a bit of work.

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          June 27, 2016 2:45 PM


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            June 27, 2016 2:58 PM

            Haha. The farms are huge, about 100*100*100, but the collection systems probably extends below another 10 blocks, with another 6 or so blocks of chests for storage. A bit of it was built by hand, but a lot was done by MCEdit to clone and stack parts of the farms.
            I call them low lag because they only have a few pistons firing at a time, so not many updates at once. The pumpkin farm harvests every 10 minutes and takes about 9 minutes to complete a harvest. I've also made changes that reduce the number of pumpkin vines in the farm, but greatly reduce the number of pumpkins that he stuck in the farm. Previously about 1/8 of the pumpkins failed to be collected but now it is like 1/100, so there is a lot less entity lag.
            The pumpkin farm has a piston per vine (so about 46,000). The sugarcane farm has 4 pistons per 20 sugarcane, but it uses 10 slime blocks per 20 sugarcane. Both have close to 50000 redstone dust.

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      June 27, 2016 2:33 PM

      It'd be interesting if they did something clever like Lego Movie did, but I'm certain it will be a garbage, unnecessary cash grab like Angry Birds.

      Watching the voice actors doing the press junkets for Angry Birds trying their best to get the idea across that this movie isn't anything but a cash grab is amusing and also sad.

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      June 27, 2016 6:36 PM

      Wait, Mac from Always Sunny is directing this??

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