Shack Reels: Overwatch Weekly Brawl 'Overly Defensive' Gameplay with Mei

This week's brawl is all about D - FENCE. 


For Overwatch’s Weekly Brawl, defense becomes the new offense as Overly Defensive has players selecting heroes strictly from the Defense section.

Heroes will only be able to select Bastion, Junkrat, Torbjörn, Widowmaker, Mei, and Hanzo. And since Mei is my go-to Hero, I was completely at home with the Overly Defensive game mode.

Unfortunately, playing as other defensive characters on offense didn’t go so well for either team. More often than not, defensive teams often dominated when they were defending a point with the attackers having to really push hard to get anything done. If you weren’t on the defending side of things, you were pretty much useless with Torbjörn on the attacking side.

Hopefully Blizzard either tweaks this game mode in the future or scraps it altogether as it's obviously unbalanced when compared to other Weekly Brawl modes.

Here’s some gameplay I captured from one of my play sessions yesterday. Enjoy!

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