Fallout 4: How to Use Power Conduits to Power Your Settlement

The days of wires are gone. Long live the Power Conduit.


We’ve all been there, you’re trying to build a nice settlement, but the power situation is just starting to get out of hand. So what do you do? You’ve got wires hanging everywhere, messing up the look and feel of the entire place. It’s time to make the switch to Power Conduits, and no I don’t just mean those silly things that have been in the game the whole time. Thanks to the new Contraptions DLC, Bethesda has added an entirely new group of Power Conduits to make use of, and this guide will teach you how to use them effectively to make your power pass through walls!

Create your Generator Room

The first step is to create yourself a Generator room. For the purpose of this guide we’re going to use a Fusion Generator, which provides a Power Output of 100. Plop down two or so floors, then go ahead and build up some of the walls around them. Make sure not to completely wall it in yet, or you won’t be able to work with it. With your walls and floors in place, it’s time to place your Generator.

Once the Generator is up and running, let’s get it connected to everything else. First navigate to Power > Conduit, and then locate the Conduit – Wall Pass-Through item in the list.

There are currently two sizes of this Conduit. One size, the first in the list, is for normal walls. The second size, a couple of selections over to the right, is for Warehouse walls, as they are much larger than regular walls.

Now you’re going to place this Conduit into the wall, with the pipes sticking out or in, it all depends on what you’re trying to do. For the purpose of this guide we placed the pipes facing outward, so we could run the Conduits along the ground and eliminate many of the wires scattering our settlement.

Run your Conduit Pipeline

With the pass-through conduit placed, it’s time to set up the rest of the power pipeline. This stuff will be placed like regular old plumping, so just run it across the ground to your destination using the different size pieces available. Once you reach the area you want to connect to, place a connector piece with a Conduit attached to it. This will allow you to run wire from the pipeline to an electronic object.

With all that in place, go ahead and wire everything up to see how it works. Remember not to add too much to one power grid, or you’ll have stuff running low on power, which won’t work out at all.

If you want, you can also run these conduit pipelines against floors or walls to make them more invisible. It isn’t a perfect solution by any means, and it still looks a bit tacky, but it does allow you to get rid of some of those obnoxious wires hanging around your settlement. In the end, any kind of improvement is a vast improvement.


Be sure to experience with the conduits, and learn different ways to use them. This guide only covers the basics of the new item, so we’re sure there are some interesting ways out there that you can use these new items to your advantage. Why not try using Power Conduits to run power to your Ammunition Plant in Fallout 4?

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