Next on Seinfeld: The Apartment of Doom

The Doom 2 mod takes on Jerry's apartment.


There are some things you do to be serious, and others you do for shits and giggles. A new .wad file for Doom 2 is definitely the latter.

User Doug Keener spent more than 100 hours creting a replica of Seinfeld's apartment from the TV show, complete with Kramer, Jerry, Elaine, George, and even Newman. He even created sound clips and death animations for each character. Does he really hate Seinefled that much?

"I absolutely love Seinfeld!" he told a commenter. "I also love doom and this was an homage to both. This whole project was a labor of love and I wanted to do the greatest show of all time justice. The characters were put in as a bonus to add to the tribute, they're only killable because what's doom without violence and death?"

If you want to add the mod to your collection, you can download it here.

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