Paragon unleashes Khaimera's untamed spirit starting today

Paragon has its first powerful duelyst now that Khaimera has been added to the game's roster.


Epic Games has freed the untamed spirit that is Khaimera for all players to play as in Paragon.

Khaimera is a high-risk, high-reward melee fighter who’s recommended role on a team is a jungler. He’s a powerful duelyst, so if you go toe-to-toe with him, you better have some support or a really good attack plan. To make the best use of Khaimera, players should purchase cards that boost his physical damage and critical strike chance.

His passive ability, called Spirit Regeneration, gives him a temporary Health Regen that stacks as he lands basic attacks against an enemy. Khaimera can also leap to a target hero, briefly stunning them while also dealing damage within a small area around him. His unleash ability allows him to gain max attack speed for the next five seconds or attacks, whichever comes first.

HIs Cull Ultimate ability allows Khaimera to select an enemy hero to root and deal Physical Damage to, after a brief channel period, that is. He also pushes away and slows down all other enemies in the process.

Khaimera is now available for all Paragon players to play as.

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