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Overwatch's Tracer added to Street Fighter V via user mod

The British accent helps.


I think we can all admit that many user mods can make a game more enjoyable and interesting, as long as they don't hamper the enjoyment of others. Such is the case with a new mod for Street Fighter V that turns Cammy into Overwatch's Tracer.

The reskin, done by user TheJamk, is a pretty good rendition of Tracer. Granted, you miss her custom weapons for some of Cammy's kickass moves, but it is definitely enough to give those who play Overwatch and SFV and chance to enjoy both at the same time. Cammy's British accent is a perfect fit as well.

TheJamk has done several mods for SFV, including turning Rashid into The Flash and Cammy into Spider Gwen. He also has a few tutorials on exactly how he goes about modding the characters.

Blizzard is usually pretty protective of its characters, so it will be interesting to see if this mod is still available in a week or two, so grab it while you can.  

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