E3 2016 Live Stream: Shacknews Final Post-E3 Show

All things must come to an end, so gather 'round your monitor, TV, or mobile device and watch our FINAL post-E3 show!


It’s the final day of E3 2016. We’ve seen some incredible games, products, and services on the show floor, but unfortunately, we’ll literally be kicked out of the convention if we stay any longer.

So -- that means that we’ll be having our FINAL post-E3 show tonight. We guess you can consider it the post-post-E3 show.

Actually -- considering E3 was “officially” three days, this should be called the post-post-post-E3 show.

Our post-post-post-E3 show will kick off at 6PM PT. Be sure to suck it all in as it’ll be close to one year before you can experience something like this again.

Watch live video from Shacknews on www.twitch.tv

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