E3 2016: Final Fantasy designer Koichi Ishii announces new action-RPG, Ever Oasis

Nintendo has announced a completely new game, called Ever Oasis, for the 3DS.


During its second Treehouse livestream event, Nintendo announced it's currently working with Grezzo to develop a brand-new game, called Ever Oasis.

Ever Oasis takes place in the desert where players will need to create their own oasis with the help of friends. Each player's oasis can be used to interact with new wanderers from distant tribes, while also interacting with a number of areas within it.

Ever Oasis is an action-RPG, so players will be able to venture out into the desert in order to forage, fight enemies, and discover its hidden secrets. Players will be able to team up with various wanderers to help explore dungeons, while also using a number of abilities to aid you in your journey. Boss battles will require a bit of strategy, which is why the game allows you to switch between allies in order to help defeat them.

What makes this game much more intriguing is the fact the founder, director, and producer of Grezzo is Koichi Ishii, best known for his work on Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, and Final Fantasy XI.

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