Square Enix Pulls Chaos Rings and More From The App Store

If you missed out on downloading the games before, it may very well be too late. 


If you were hyped for some new Square Enix announcements during E3 and got a hankering to play some of its popular mobile titles, you might run into a problem if you're checking the App Store. Apparently the entirety of the Chaos Rings series, Song Summoner, Drakerider and other titles have been removed.

Luckily, if you've already purchased them you're able to re-download them. However, they're some decently-priced games and it's more than a little baffling to see them suddenly disappear from the App Store, especially given Square Enix's attitude toward paid apps in general these days. After some problems with compatibility after the iOS 9 update and iOS 10 on the horizon it makes sense that we might start seeing some issues, but to outright remove support is baffling.

Touch Arcade found the following statement associated with the removals upon visiting the official websites for the Chaos Rings trilogy:

"Thank you for playing "CHAOS RINGS".

On May 31, 2016, distribution of "CHAOS RINGS" will end. This means that as of May 31, this game title and any related items will no longer be available for sale.

We sincerely thank you for your long-time patronage of "CHAOS RINGS"."

If you missed out on the series, it looks like you may be out of luck if you're not into sideloading apps. This is quite the conundrum. Hopefully in the coming days after E3 Square Enix will acknowledge or at the very least release a statement as to why these games were pulled.

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    June 14, 2016 3:30 PM

    Brittany Vincent posted a new article, Square Enix Pulls Chaos Rings and More From The App Store

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      June 14, 2016 3:47 PM

      That's weird. They were published directly from Square Enix and not through some third party, right?

      I wonder if they're broken by iOS 10 or something and they don't want to support them any more.

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      June 14, 2016 5:50 PM

      FYI, the games are still available on Google Play.

      But, it's not the first time EA's given gamers the cold shoulder when a major OS update breaks a game. This really does set a terrible precedence when a $15+ game get dropped so easily. I get that they can't support a game for ever, but the frequency that mobile platforms update means they're going to need to do a little more for the money they're getting for their titles. I actually support EA's pricing model; as painful as it is to spend so much on yet another FF port of my beloved FF VI. They're full games with high production values. BUT, I'll refuse to buy another game if support will only last a year device OS update or two.

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