E3 2016: Worms WMD unveils crafting

You want to make an angry concrete donkey or a holy mine grenade?


The Worms turn 21 this year, and developer Team17 is celebrating with a new game coming later this year called Worms WMD. And one of the more interesting things of the turn-based game is the ability to grab supplies and craft items while your opponent decides what to do.

Among the things that the worms can craft are electric sheep, a bazooka pie, an angry concrete donkey, and the holy mine grenade. Players will start the game with a specific amount of crafting supplies, but more can be gathered from crates or by breaking down existing weapons. Weapons and utilities can be crafted, increasing the starting base of 35 different items to more than 80.

Worms WMD is scheduled to come on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in the next several months.

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