E3 2016: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first true Zelda RPG

Items now degrade, and are not just found in dungeons any more.


The Legend of Zelda shown during the Nintendo Treehouse presentation today had our team oohing and ahhing at the look and feel of the game, but one of the new things that stood out was that the action adventure game was taking on some RPG type elements that had not been there in the past.  

Previously, Link would find items as prizes in dungeons, but now, they are scattered about the world. He can find clothes and armor that he can equip for different looks, and items will even degrade and break over time with consistent use and abuse.

This is definitely a break from previous Zeldas, one that our resident Zelda fans found interesting an welcome. Be sure to check out the main story on Breath of the Wild for more details. 

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