E3 2016: Dishonored 2 gameplay footage leaks

Get a look at Emily Kaldwin in action


Bethesda's Showcase kicks off tonight, but already we've got a leak before the event. Dishonored 2 gameplay video has hit the wild showing off Emily Kaldwin and some of her powers that she gets from the void and the Outsider.

The video, which looks like a Russian version, is about 30 seconds and looks very much like what we remembered from Dishonored. While the game is not set in Dunwall, the new area of Karnaca gets some of the same steampunk treatment, with the area constabulary appearing just as brutal. We also see Empress Emily Kaldwin in action, who will be playable this time along with her previous protector Corvo.

Bethesda has been yanking all the video they can, but this one is still up, so take a look. We'll see if a longer version comes out later tonight at the Showcase.

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