E3 2016: Battlefield 1 shows off new gameplay at EA Play

You knew it was coming, but were you impressed?


Battlefield 1 was announced in May preceded by a lot of hype. And Electronic Arts continued that hype with the reveal of more details and gameplay at its substitute E3 event, EA Play.

Battlefield 1 will feature an intuitive destruction system as well as dynamic weather, both of which promises to offer unique battle experiences. Players will be able to carve a path through walls and buildings, take down enemies in a number of creative ways, and leave your mark on the terrain around you. As players battle, the once pristine world will change into a battle-scarred landscape.

The inclusion of dynamic weather will require players to change their strategy in response to various weather changes. For example, playing a map on a bright day, in heavy fog, or during a rainstorm will greatly impact what you see and hear.

DICE is introducing a new way to play multiplayer in Battlefield 1 in Operations. Operations will play out as a series of interconnected battles across multiple fronts. Players will no longer focus on a single battle, but instead, will need to take on a series of battles in an attempt to conquer a territory or push back attackers.

Battlefield 1 will allow players to call in Behemoths, which are the largest player-controlled vehicles ever seen in its series. There's a Behemoth available for each method of transportation, like an Armored Train, Air Ship, and Battleship.

The World War 1 setting has given rise to mixed reactions, but hand-to-hand combat will appeal to many, and EA has already opened the pre-orders, including an $80 Early Enlister Edition. The game will be coming out on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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