E3 2016: New Dishonored 2 details revealed

New skills, story tidbits, and more were divulged at Bethesda's E3 conference.


Like its cutthroat characters, Dishonored 2 has kept to the shadows, leaving concrete details to the imagination. We know the sequel to Arkane Studios' 2012 action-stealth game will hit Xbox One, PS4, and PC this November, as well as (some of) the identities behind the grating voices of the cast of characters. Today, Arkane and Bethesda pulled Dishonored 2 out into the light for a bigger look at what players can expect this fall.

Arkane's Harvey Smith offered a tour of the Empire of the Isles, explaining that Karnaca is the Jewel of the South, with a fully realized area, perhaps even more than Dunwall. Smith said he wants to world to feel real, and to make every area of the city to tell a story. The story will begin and end in Dunwall, but the bulk of the game will take place in Karnaca.

As for Emily, the team focused on what became of her, and they envisioned her as a 25-year-old young woman. Set 15 years after the first game, Emily has been watched over by her father Corvo. You can play as either, and both are fully voiced. It's up to either character to unravel the ongoing conspiracy and get back what is rightfully yours.

As with Dishonored, there are still multiple ways to solve missions, but there will be more detail in each missions. One particular area was the Dust District, where you can side with either Overseers or their adversaries, the Howlers. Smith took us through various avenues toward our goal of an assassination. But wind becomes a vital environmental factor that can cause dust storms and obscure visability. Wind is also used for power in much the way whale oil was used in the original. And as was the case in playing stealthy or violent in the original, what happens in this district will also affect the end game.

Some of Emily's powers include Far Reach to pull items (and even enemies if upgraded) closer. She also has a Mesmerize power where she can lull enemies into not noticing her so she can avoid combat. She also has a Domino power where enemies will share the same fate, i.e. if one dies, they all die. Shadow Walk was used in one of the announcement trailer where she creeps up as a crawling shadow.

In another area, The Outsider will appear, telling you about a manor you will enter where your powers will not work, but you travel between past and present. As the time line alters, you can see enemies and formulate plans on how to eliminate or bypass them.

Dishonored 2 drops on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 11.

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