E3 2016: New Battlefield 1 teaser highlights melee weapons

Ahead of a longer trailer to be released next week, EA shows off weapons and footage from a current build of the game.


Players eager for more info on Battlefield 1 have done a lot of waiting. EA promises a new trailer next week, and a beta later this year. For today, we get a 15-second teaser featuring close-ups of several melee weapons, and footage purportedly captured from the Xbox One version of the game.

Check out the trailer for glimpses of trench warfare, and a soldier wielding a raiding club as he races across a battlefield while being shot at by an enemy. The teaser caps things off with, appropriately, a tease for another trailer to be released this coming weekend during EA's pre-E3 event.

EA's event begins at 1pm Pacific this Sunday, June 12. Shacknews will be in Los Angeles covering EA's event and other E3 goings-on, and will have more info as it becomes available.

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