Telltale announces summer 2016 release windows for Batman, The Walking Dead

Interested in gritty adventure stories? Telltale's got you covered for the rest of the year.


Job Stauffer, Telltale Games' director of creative communication, announced release windows for the company's upcoming Batman and The Walking Dead: Season Three episodic adventures.

"Batman, the Telltale Series will premiere this summer," he tweeted. A third season of The Walking Dead will follow later this fall.

Not much is known about either property, and Telltale's not ready to divulge too many story-related details just yet. We do know that Telltale hopes The Walking Dead: Season Three will appeal to new players who haven't played the first and/or second seasons yet, implying that new characters may take center stage, joined by a fan-favorite.

Meanwhile, Telltale's Batman adventure is poised to let fans do more than beat up criminals and supervillains as Batman: play as Bruce Wayne. Players will be asked at certain junctures whether they want to handle a situation as Bruce or his alter ego, decisions that hold enormous potential for how storylines could play out.

Stauffer ended his tweet by reminding everyone that E3 begins next week, inferring that more details will be made clear once the annual trade show kicks off.

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