Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare pre-orders very low compared to Black Ops 3 [UPDATED]

Black Ops 3 had 10 times more pre-orders than Infinity Ward's new title has at the same point before launch. 


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A representative from Activision reached out to Shacknews to dissuade speculation that pre-orders for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are precipitously low. "These estimates are highly inaccurate and are not at all representative of actual retail data. We’ve announced that pre-orders started strong, and continue to be very positive. And we look forward to sharing new gameplay next week at E3."

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If pre-orders of a game are an early indication of potential success, then Activision's upcoming Call of Duty installment could have a huge mountain to climb to compete with the success of Black Ops 3.

According to VGCharts (via The Escapist), pre-orders for Infinity Ward's futuristic take on the franchise had 63,469 orders (with PS4 slightly ahead of Xbox One) as of the latest report on May 14. At the exact same period before launch - roughly six months prior to launch - Black Ops 3 was weighing in with more than 710,000 preorders (with Xbox One in the lead by almost a 3-2 margin). Black Ops 3 went on to be the biggest entertainment launch of 2015, according to Activision.

Infinite Warfare still has more than five months to pick up the slack, and even if it doesn't hit Black Ops 3 numbers, it could still do very well. But early returns seem to indicate that either the futuristic game may not be resonating with players as much, or CoD may be losing some momentum. Or it could just be that players are shifting to Battlefield 1, which has not been listed on VGChartz pre-orders yet.

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